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Knitted 30% Shade Cloth – 10' x 100'

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Reduces heat and light intensity, resulting in better quality and higher yields.

Reduce soil temperatures and prevent bolting and bitterness of heat-sensitive crops like lettuce and spinach. Also helpful for shielding fruits from sun damage on peppers and eggplant, and preventing wind damage to plants. Made of 100% UV-stabilized black polyethylene, which is naturally rot and mildew resistant. This lock-stitch knitted shade cloth is lighter weight, and has better ventilation and water permeation than woven shade cloth, and can be cut without unraveling. Has a life of 5–7 years, more if stored out of the sun when not in use. Always hang shade cloth above the plants to provide adequate ventilation so heat does not build up beneath it. 10' width is compatible with Quick Hoops low tunnels. 20' width is ideal for use on high tunnels. Density indicates percentage of light blocked by the cloth (30% cloth blocks 30% light transmission). Guidelines: For solanaceous crops, use 30% shade cloth in areas with very hot summers; for cold-loving lettuce, spinach, and brassicas, use 50% in hot, southern areas, 30% in northern zones. For shade-loving plants, use 50%.

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