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Hydrofarm Single Outlet Thermostat
Heat Mat Temperature Controller

Product ID: 9582

Precise temperature control for seed germination.

Single 120V AC grounded outlet. Monitors growing media temperature with a water-resistant, stainless steel probe and maintains root temperature at level selected on digital LED controller. Controllable range: 68°-108°F (20°-42°C). Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out. Compatible with all Hydrofarm heat mats and any 120V powered heat mat. Multiple mats may be connected with a power strip as long as max power ratings are not exceeded. 6' 120V power cord and 6' temperature probe cord. Max load: 8.3 amps/1000 watts.

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All heat mats are compatible and interchangeable with all thermostats, as long as the total heat mat wattage does not exceed the thermostat's rating. For example, the Redi-Heat Four Outlet Thermostat is rated for up to 2,400 watts, so it can handle any combination of heat mats totaling 2,400 watts or less.

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