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Seed Roller Starter Pack
Jang JP or JPH Series Accessory

Product ID: 7024

Most common rollers for seeding a wide variety of crops.

Includes one each of the following rollers:

9610 Jang Seed Roller N-6: for beans (small-seeded) and corn (small-seeded)
9672 Jang Seed Roller LJ-12: for beets (raw and pelleted), carrots (pelleted), onion (pelleted), lettuce (pelleted), and Swiss chard (pelleted)
9730 Jang Seed Roller X-24: for Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, greens, and onion (raw-seeded)
9817 Jang Seed Roller F-24: for spinach and radish
9649 Jang Seed Roller XY-24: for carrots (raw-seeded) and lettuce (raw-seeded)

NOTE: If ordering rollers for a multi-row seeder, order the same quantity of starter packs as the seeder has rows.

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