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Jang Seed Roller LJ-24
Jang JP or JPH Series Accessory

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24 holes. 7.5 mm diam. 3.7 mm deep. Hole shape: v-groove.

For use with all Jang JP or JPH Series Seeders. Possible seed spacing of approximately 0.5–2.5", depending upon seeder sprocket combination. Rollers precisely meter small to medium-size seeds by carrying them from the seed hopper and into the guide funnel, before dropping them into the ground behind the plow shoe or opener. Rollers are easy to change out and must be paired to the desired seed size for accurate metering and singulation. Made of a special anti-abrasive plastic to minimize static electricity. Approximately 3/4" wide and 2 3/8" in diameter.

Crop recommendations based on our trial results:

• Raw beets
• Malabar spinach
• Okra
• #13 pelleted seeds (beets, carrots, lettuce, onion, Swiss chard)
• Cilantro
• Broom corn
• Euphorbia
• Pelleted basil
• Salad burnet
• Small sunflowers
• Hairy vetch

See our Grower's Library for more details and notes from our trials.

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Trial data: Will singulate the following raw seeded varieties: Red Ace and Bull's Blood (beet); and Fordhook Giant and Rhubarb (chard). Will also singulate the following pelleted varieties: Nufar and Italian Large Leaf (basil); Nelson (carrot); and Breen, Adriana, Tropicana, Ridgeline, Ruby Sky, Rhazes, Focea, Teide, Australe, Rex, Ermosa, and Winter Density (lettuce).

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