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(F1) Eggplant Seed

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Striped Italian type for greenhouse production.

Excellent flavor from visually striking, glossy, dark purple fruits with white striping. Angela has very high yields and a strong plant to make it through the long greenhouse season. Typically picked at half-pound size. Reduced-spine plant with green calyx. Also known as Dominican eggplant. Avg. 7,500 seeds/oz. Mini: 10 seeds. Packet: 25 seeds.


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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Solanum melongena
CULTURE: Sow in flats or plugs 6-8 weeks prior to transplanting. Maintain an even 80–90°F (27–32°C) soil temp. until emergence, 70°F (21°C) thereafter. After true leaves form, transplant into cell-type containers or blocks. 4" blocks are the standard. After transplanting, maintain temp. 66–72°F (18–19°C) days and 64–66°F (19–22°C) nights. Fertilize with a complete nutrient solution (EC 2.5–3.5, pH 5.5) or equivalent as needed to keep plants dark green and healthy. Transplant to the greenhouse when plants are 10–12" tall. Space plants 1' apart in rows 2' wide, with 3' between rows. Grow plants with 2–4 stems per plant, resulting in a density of 5–8 stems per square meter (9 sq.ft.).
TRELLISING: Prune the plants to 2–4 stems and trellis on a string like greenhouse tomatoes. Basket-weaving (without pruning) is recommended in short-season areas to maximize production.
HARVEST: Harvest fruit at desired size, most commonly 1/2 lb. for baby eggplant and 1/4 lb. for mini eggplant.
DISEASES AND PESTS: Practice crop rotation or use new media to reduce incidence of soil-borne disease. Regularly scheduled releases of beneficial insects will help to control pests.
DAYS TO MATURITY: From transplanting.
TRANSPLANTS: Avg. 900 plants/1,000 seeds.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ.: 5,600–7,500 (avg. 6,500).
PACKET: 25 seeds.
MINI: 10 seeds.

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Quick Facts


Latin Name

Solanum melongena

Days To Maturity

Average number of days from seeding date to harvest, within a specific crop group. If a transplanted crop: average number of days from transplant date. Not sure if crop is direct-seeded or transplanted? Check the Growing Information box for details. If crop can be both direct-seeded or transplanted, days to maturity refers to direct seeding. Days to maturity for all flowers and herbs is calculated from seeding date.

65 Days

Hybrid Status

Hybrid: The offspring of a cross between two or more distinct parent lines, usually of same species, and selected for improved traits.
Open-pollinated: A non-hybrid variety that can reproduce itself in kind, demonstrating relatively stable traits from one generation to the next.

Hybrid (F1)

Product Features

Greenhouse Performer Greenhouse Performer
Variety that we have found, based on our trials, to be the best performers in a climate-controlled greenhouse environment.
Hydroponic Performer Hydroponic Performer
Variety that can be grown successfully using hydroponic growing methods, such as NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), DWC (Deep Water Culture), or other soilless growing systems.

Greenhouse Performer Hydroponic Performer