Close-up shot of leafy baby greens.


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Red leaf with true mizuna shape.
Standard salad arugula for salad mix and bunching.
Best baby pac choi because heads are proportional at true baby size.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
Heavy, vigorous white-stem pac choi; cold and heat tolerant.
Dynamic range of leaf shapes, colors, and textures.
Organic white-stemmed pac choi.
Standard salad arugula for salad mix and bunching.
Early, heat-tolerant standard variety.
Beautiful dark green pac choi, best at full size, suitable for minis.
Economical, organic OP tatsoi.
Beautiful, three-dimensional, oak-type leaves add loft to salad mix.
This mild-tasting, slightly nutty mâche is the ideal winter salad item.
Bolt-, heat-, cold-tolerant pac choi for full or medium-size heads.
Organic greens mix with great balance of mild and spicy ingredients.
Stunning colors, flavors, and textures for a beautiful salad.