Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Early, well-regarded red leaf with attractive, ruffled, fringed leaves.
Green butterhead with strong downy mildew resistance.
Blend with high percentage of red leaves and stunning color contrast.
Most attractive green romaine packs and handles with little damage.
Bronze red Little Gem-type for spring, summer, and fall.
Classic romaine with modern disease resistance.
Most adaptable butterhead with excellent flavor and texture.
Standard heat-tolerant green leaf with disease resistance.
Our most attractive green leaf lettuce.
Award-winning dark green oakleaf for full-size heads.
Organic one-cut that holds well in the field.
Crunchy, snackable, stackable mini cosberg.
Crunchy, baby-leaf red romaine with narrow petiole.
Gorgeous, easy-to-harvest, organic one-cut.
The standard green romaine for baby leaf, adds texture to salad mix.
Crunchy, snackable, stackable mini cosberg.
Slow-bolting, flavorful, one-cut red leaf lettuce.
Versatile mini romaine with sweet flavor.