Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Attractive, well-filled and uniform dark green Lollo type.
Blend with high percentage of red leaves and stunning color contrast.
Bolt tolerant, widely adaptable with open habit suited for heads.
Slow-bolting, flavorful, one-cut red leaf lettuce.
So widely-known, it is the standard for a class after its own name.
Most attractive green romaine packs and handles with little damage.
Red-edged, heavily-frilled leaves provide loft, texture, and color.
Medium-green, frillice-type baby leaf with a crisp bite like iceberg.
Standard heat-tolerant green leaf with disease resistance.
Dark red leaves for all seasons.
Crunchy, juicy, sweet romaine for baby leaf.
The standard green romaine for baby leaf, adds texture to salad mix.
Attractive, well-filled and uniform dark green Lollo type.
Red butterhead for hydroponic production.
Compact, filled-out mini heads that are dark red even in the North.
A favorite for salad mix, lime green oak leaves for striking contrast.
Improved Little Gem type with uniform, compact heads, savoyed leaves.
Grow a diverse, high-end salad mix in your own backyard.