Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Heat tolerant dark green butterhead with broad disease resistance.
Darkest red leaves with long harvest window and good flavor.
Condensed saladbowl-type oakleaf for whole heads or salad mixes.
Early producer of truly compact mini heads with bronze-red color.
Compact, uniform, mini romaine with excellent texture.
Deeply incised, heavily frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Improved selection for full-size heads.
Standard hydroponic variety, excellent summer greenhouse performer.
Use as a salad mix base for structure, loft, and yield.
Refine your salad mix with color, flavor, and elegance.
Dark green, compact romaine for an all-season mid-size.
A red Summer Crisp with good flavor.
Deeply incised, heavily frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Our highest yielding one-cut.
Uniform red leaf with heat tolerance and heavy heads of frilly leaves.
Red leaf well-suited for late-season growing due to disease resistance.
Large, bright green oakleaf with dense heads and long harvest window.