Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Compact, filled-out mini heads that are dark red even in the North.
Vigorous, slow-bolting red butter type.
Most adaptable butterhead with excellent flavor and texture.
Large and fancy, heat tolerant red butterhead for stunning display.
Compact, uniform, mini romaine with excellent texture.
Standard heat-tolerant green leaf with disease resistance.
Gorgeous Little Gem-type Salanova.
Red leaf well-suited for late-season growing due to disease resistance.
Early producer of truly compact mini heads with bronze-red color.
Classic romaine with modern disease resistance.
Slow bolting and upright with great flavor.
Uniform, disease-resistant green leaf with excellent heat tolerance.
Our favorite traditional Boston type with thick, crisp leaves.
Heat tolerant, full-size romaine.
Updated blend of downy mildew resistant varieties.
Deeply incised organic one-cut.