Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Adaptable, medium-size iceberg with high percentage of perfect heads.
Adaptable and tasty heirloom green leaf.
Heat tolerant dark green butterhead with broad disease resistance.
Most attractive green romaine packs and handles with little damage.
Heat tolerant, full-size romaine.
Red leaf well-suited for late-season growing due to disease resistance.
Fast-growing blonde romaine for baby leaf and full-size heads.
Convenient mix of one-cut, cored types for growing your own salad mix.
Our favorite traditional Boston type with thick, crisp leaves.
Heat tolerant, full-size romaine.
Large and fancy, heat-tolerant red butterhead for stunning display.
Standard heat-tolerant green leaf with disease resistance.
Uniform red leaf with heat tolerance and heavy heads of frilly leaves.
Bronze red Little Gem-type for spring, summer, and fall.
Deeply incised, heavily frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Early producer of truly compact mini heads with bronze-red color.