Red and green heads of lettuce from several of Johnny's lettuce varieties, displayed in a metal bins.


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Uniform, disease-resistant green leaf with excellent heat tolerance.
Tasty, versatile Batavia leaf type.
Dark red romaine with contrasting red and green leaves, for full size.
Most adaptable butterhead with excellent flavor and texture.
Uniform, upright leaves and good weight.
Green butterhead with strong downy mildew resistance.
Little Gem-type with smooth leaves that form true mini heads.
Dark red Little Gem-type for mini heads.
Darkest red leaves with long harvest window and good flavor.
A red Summer Crisp with good flavor.
Improved Little Gem type with uniform, compact heads, savoyed leaves.
Our favorite traditional Boston type with thick, crisp leaves.
Bronze red Little Gem-type for spring, summer, and fall.
Heavy, dark green oakleaf with fast early growth and sweet flavor.
Compact, filled-out mini heads that are dark red even in the North.
Bolt tolerant, widely adaptable with open habit suited for heads.