Baby-leaf salad mix with red and green leaves, grown from Johnny's one-cut lettuce seeds.

One-Cut Lettuce

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Gorgeous, easy-to-harvest, organic one-cut.
Use as a salad mix base for structure, loft, and yield.
High-yielding, crispy green leaf with excellent shelf-life.
Deeply incised, heavily frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Our highest yielding one-cut.
Organic one-cut that holds well in the field.
Distinctive, highly textured, one-cut type.
Slow-bolting, flavorful, one-cut red leaf lettuce.
Efficiently removes the core from a head of Salanova® lettuce.
Organic red one-cut with strong disease resistance.
Exceptionally flavorful one-cut with high leaf-count.
Convenient mix of one-cut, cored types for growing your own salad mix.