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Summer's sweet rewards begin here. Our extensive variety testing assures you of the easiest-to-grow, most flavorful melon varieties in each class of the species Cucumis melo, which includes a diverse range of both netted and smooth melons (watermelons are a different species). See our Melon Variety (C melo) Comparison Chart to review distinguishing characteristics and features, including days to maturity, average weight, disease resistance, harvest technique, and shelf life.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Sun Jewel Asian Melons
Unusual, extra-early Korean specialty with standout unique shape.
Extra-early Korean specialty.
68 Days
Personal-size honeydew with beautifully variegated skin.
Variegated honeydew.
71 Days
Personal-size, intensely sweet melon with above-average shelf life.
Personal-size melon with intense sweetness.
80 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Serenade Butterscotch Melons
Single-serve butterscotch melon with rich, sweet flavor.
Single-serve butterscotch melon.
78 Days
Full-size Piel de Sapo-type melon with sweet, aromatic white flesh.
Big, full-size Piel de Sapo.
85 Days
Italian/Tuscan-type cantaloupe.
Italian/Tuscan cantaloupe.
76 Days
Sarah's Choice Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)
Regular winner in our on-farm taste tests for its sweet, juicy flesh.
Take advantage of our overstock position! Our most flavorful cantaloupe.
76 Days
Eden's Gem Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)
Popular heirloom muskmelon from Colorado. Also known as 'Rocky Ford.'
Take advantage of our overstock position! Wonderful Colorado heirloom also known as 'Rocky Ford.'
75 Days
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