An assortment of small and colorful specialty tomatoes on display in a wooden box.

Specialty Tomatoes

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A great match for Tomatoberry Garden.
Unique look and exceptional flavor.
Unique strawberry-shaped fruits on high-yielding plants.
Early bicolor to kick off the season.
Flavorful green cherry for mixed pints.
Heirloom with unusual pear shape, burgundy color, and rich flavor.
Early, striped snacking tomato.
Hybrid version of French heirloom Marmande; among the best in flavor.
10 seeds each of the Artisan Tomato™ varieties, excluding Pink Tiger.
Hybrid with black heirloom quality; dead ringer for Cherokee Purple.
Delicious brown cocktail tomato.
Pink cherry streaked with gold.
Bicolor for sustained harvest.
High-performance purple beefsteak.
White greenhouse tomato with heirloom good looks and taste.
Heirloom-like oxheart for the greenhouse.
Asian-type pink greenhouse slicer.
Heirloom-type pink greenhouse tomato.