Organic Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables


Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables
Choose from our diverse assortment of non-GMO, organic vegetable seeds and plants that have passed rigorous trials to ensure they will thrive in limited-input systems. We provide flavorful, vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids as well as the best heirloom vegetables, open-pollinated varieties, and untreated organic seed options in all major crop categories. NOP-compliant pelleted seed is also available for efficient, precision seeding.
Traditional OP, the standard variety in the South.
Traditional OP.
60 Days
Green-striped, delicious, and tangy salad specialty.
Green-striped salad specialty.
72 Days
A conversation piece at markets, well liked by children.
Small orange berry with a husk.
75 Days
Late blight resistant with excellent flavor and pink heirloom quality.
Late blight resistance and excellent flavor.
73 Days
The first red bunching type that is highly colored at any temperature.
Deep red-purple.
60 Days
Vigorous and adaptable celery with more tender, less fibrous stalks.
Vigorous organic celery.
80 Days
Sunny orange fruits with full flavor, meaty interior with few seeds.
Sunny orange fruits with full tomato flavor.
76 Days
Prolific, shiny yellow patty pans on open plants for ease of harvest.
Yellow organic patty pan.
50 Days
High-quality open-pollinated bell for Northern growers.
Open-pollinated bell for Northern growers.
60 green; 80 red ripe
Yellow bush bean with long, slender pods.
Organic yellow bush bean.
52 Days
Late blight-resistant field cherry, ideal for harvest and snacking.
Late blight-resistant field cherry.
64 Days
Eye-catching pastel-pink color in a top-quality round radish.
Pastel pink round radish.
26 Days
Improved Indigo type with striking dark-blue anthocyanin coloration.
Improved Indigo type.
71 Days
Sweet heart-shaped pepper, partners with Aura and Glow for tasty trio.
Sweet, cone-shaped peppers.
55 green; 75 red ripe
The classic New England pumpkin traditionally used for pies.
The classic New England pie pumpkin.
105 Days
One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes, also cold tolerant.
One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes.
60 Days
Be the first to market with a delicious organic option.
Be the first to market with an organic option.
56 Days
The traditional American turnip.
The traditional American turnip.
50 Days
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