Organic Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables


Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables
Choose from our diverse assortment of non-GMO, organic vegetable seeds and plants that have passed rigorous trials to ensure they will thrive in limited-input systems. We provide flavorful, vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids as well as the best heirloom vegetables, open-pollinated varieties, and untreated organic seed options in all major crop categories. NOP-compliant pelleted seed is also available for efficient, precision seeding.
Versatile specialty market salad item, sweet and flavorful pickler.
Small, rounded, pale yellow cucumbers.
65 Days
Beautiful, three-dimensional, oak-type leaves add loft to salad mix.
Beautiful oak-type leaves.
21 baby; 40 full size
Summer Crisp with open heads, romaine and green leaf characteristics.
Green Summer Crisp with open heads. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
51 Days
Striking lime-green Romanesco with pointed, spiraled pinnacles.
Spiraled heads.
78 Days
Extra-long storage and depth of flavor; a favorite in our taste tests.
Unparalleled eating quality and extra long storage.
95 Days
The first red bunching type that is highly colored at any temperature.
Deep red-purple.
60 Days
Ultra-early, vibrantly colorful and very hardy, multi-purpose corn.
Ultra-early, vibrantly colorful.
85 Days
Yellow zucchini with powdery mildew resistance and uniform fruits.
Organic yellow zucchini with powdery mildew resistance.
50 Days
Sweet and flavorful mini-sized peppers; all three colors in one mix.
All three colors in one mix.
55-63 green; 75-83 color
Popular "red" mustard from Japan, possesses mild mustard flavor.
Popular "red" mustard from Japan.
21 baby; 45 full size
Organic bunching onion with bright white shanks and no bulbing.
Organic bunching onion.
65 Days
Eye-catching pastel-pink color in a top-quality round radish.
Pastel pink round radish.
26 Days
Vigorous and adaptable celery with more tender, less fibrous stalks.
Vigorous organic celery. Organic seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
80 Days
The best-performing, open-pollinated purple kohlrabi.
One of the best performing, open-pollinated, purple kohlrabies.
48 Days
The standard buttercup with fiberless flesh and rich, sweet flavor.
The standard buttercup squash.
95 Days
Candy-apple red stems with dark-green, red-veined leaves.
Candy-apple red stems with dark-green, red-veined leaves.
32 baby
Delicious early variety holds well in the field and is slow to split.
Delicious early cabbage.
65 Days
Big rounded bulbs are uniform and high yielding.
Big rounded bulbs from organic seeds.
50 baby; 80 full size
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