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Full-Size Onions
Full-Size Onions
Onions receive their cue to start bulbing from day length, and to grow onion plants that form full-size bulbs by harvest time it is important to choose varieties adapted to the maximum growing season of day length in your region. Johnny's offers a selection of full-size onions varieties for each of the three day-length adaptations: long-day, intermediate-day, and short-day. Use our Full-Size Onion Comparison Chart to select the best varieties for your region, and to compare bulb size, color, shape, adaptability, storage potential, and other distinguishing characteristics.
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New! Dependable, organic short-day onion.
150 from fall planting
New! Yellow storage onion.
105 Days
Ailsa Craig
Now available organic! Huge, mild onions.
110 Days
Out of Stock
The famous, mild yellow variety from Walla Walla, WA.
Approx 300 late-summer sown and wintered over; 125 spring sown
Widely adapted, mid-day.
Approx 290 if late summer-sown and wintered over; 110 if spring-sown
Extremely long storage yellow onion.
104 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Sierra Blanca
Big, mild white onions.
109 Days
Classic yellow O.P. strain.
98 Days
Organic, yellow storage onion.
105 Days
Uniform and reliable.
155-160 from fall planting
Adaptable, intermediate-day onion.
107 Days
Early yields of red onions.
100 Days
Disease-resistant, yellow storage type.
108 Days
Superior red color, long storage.
118 Days
Attractive, large, slightly flattened bulbs with light brown skins.
105 Days
Excellent color and disease resistance.
160 from fall planting
Early red onion with pink root resistance.
102 Days
Early, long-day, deep red variety.
107 Days
1 - 18 of 41