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Full-Size Onions
Full-Size Onions
Onions receive their cue to start bulbing from day length, and to grow onion plants that form full-size bulbs by harvest time it is important to choose varieties adapted to the maximum growing season of day length in your region. Johnny's offers a selection of full-size onions varieties for each of the three day-length adaptations: long-day, intermediate-day, and short-day. Use our Full-Size Onion Comparison Chart to select the best varieties for your region, and to compare bulb size, color, shape, adaptability, storage potential, and other distinguishing characteristics.
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Zoey Full-Size Onions
Adaptable intermediate-day onion, very uniform and high yielding.
New! Adaptable intermediate-day onion.
107 Days
Chianti Full-Size Onions
Short-day, very uniform, deep-red onion; medium to jumbo-sized bulbs.
New! Short-day, very uniform, deep red onion.
170 fall sown to spring harvest
Ailsa Craig Full-Size Onions
A classic mild yellow onion with excellent size potential.
Now available organic! Huge, mild onions.
110 Days
Madalyn Full-Size Onions
Dependable, organic short-day onion.
New! Dependable, organic short-day onion.
150 from fall planting
Blush Full-Size Onions
Unique pink specialty onion with excellent storage potential.
New! Unique pink specialty onion.
115 Days
Widely adapted Walla Walla type for growing farther South.
Widely adapted, mid-day.
Approx 290 if late summer-sown and wintered over; 110 if spring-sown
The famous juicy, sweet regional favorite from Walla Walla, Washington.
The famous, mild yellow variety from Walla Walla, WA.
Approx 300 late-summer sown and wintered over; 125 spring sown
The best onion for overwintering in the North.
The best onion for overwintering in the North.
90 Days
Reliable short-day with jumbo-size bulbs and excellent uniformity.
Uniform and reliable.
155-160 from fall planting
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Sierra Blanca Full-Size Onions
Big, mild white onions from a widely-adapted day-neutral variety.
Big, mild white onions.
109 Days
Early yields of red onions without sacrificing size.
Early yields of red onions.
100 Days
Attractive short-day; best red onion for overwintering in the North.
Attractive short-day; the best red onion for overwintering in the North.
100 spring sown, 160 fall sown
Short-day onion with excellent color and disease resistance.
Short-day onion with excellent color and disease resistance.
160 from fall planting
Early long-day deep-red onion with uniform bulbs and consistent color.
Early, long-day, deep red variety.
107 Days
Disease-resistant, yellow storage type with very large size potential.
Disease-resistant, yellow storage type.
108 Days
Classic yellow OP strain, dependable and productive early onion.
Classic yellow OP strain.
98 Days
Widely adapted yellow intermediate-day onion with large-size potential.
Widely adapted, yellow intermediate day onion.
100 Days
Extremely long-storage yellow onion.
Extremely long storage yellow onion.
104 Days
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