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Hot Peppers
Hot peppers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. The level of intensity — from mild to mouth-blistering — is measured using the Scoville scale; the higher the number, the hotter the pepper. Johnny's shorthand for heat scale is 1 to 5 small pepper symbols. Hot peppers are an essential ingredient in specialty and ethnic cuisines, eaten fresh or dried, or fashioned into decorative ristras. Johnny's varieties are selected on the basis of flavor, earliness, productivity, and adaptability in all categories: Anaheim/NuMex, anchos/poblanos, cayenne chile, Fresno, habanero, jalapeno, Santa Fe, serrano, and other hot specialty peppers.
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Highly-adaptable, large-fruited Ancho pepper.
New! Highly-adaptable, large-fruited Ancho pepper.
65 green; 85 red ripe
Beautiful jalapeno with high yields.
New! Beautiful jalapeno with high yields.
65 green; 90 red ripe
Out of Stock
"No heat" jalapeno.
New! "No heat" jalapeno.
65 red, 85 red ripe
Johnny's Exclusive
Bright-yellow fruits with early maturity.
New! Bright-yellow fruits with early maturity.
55 green, 75 yellow ripe
Johnny's Exclusive
Early, bright-orange cayenne.
New! Early, bright-orange cayenne.
60 green, 80 orange ripe
Our highest yielding jalapeno.
70 green, 93 red ripe
Early and adaptable Anaheim.
65 green, 85 red ripe
Widely adapted and productive, even in cool weather.
58 pale yellow, 83 red ripe
Open-pollinated jalapeno.
60 green, 80 red ripe
High-yielding serrano.
57 green, 77 red ripe
80 green, 100 orange ripe
Best combination of earliness and yield in a jalapeno.
67 green, 90 red ripe
Sweet and hot cayenne for fresh use.
65 green, 85 red ripe
Earlier and more productive than regular habaneros.
70 lime green, 90 red ripe
High yielding Red Rocket and Ristra-type cayenne.
60 green, 80 red ripe
Early, quick drying for ristras.
55 green, 75 red ripe
Widely adapted jalapeno.
65 green, 90 red ripe
Johnny's Exclusive
Hot cherry for stuffing and pickling.
60 green, 85 red ripe
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