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Specialty Radishes
Specialty Radishes
Johnny's selection of specialty radishes provides for the widest possible harvest window from midspring, summer, and fall plantings to year-round production. Colors and shapes include classic red in a long, cylindrical variety; white with green shoulders and flesh; spherical with black skin and white flesh; and the type known as watermelon radish. Satisfy demand for ethnic and specialty produce while adding uncommon flavor and flare to your brassica offerings.
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Commonly referred to as "Watermelon" radish, remarkably sweet flavor.
Commonly referred to as "Watermelon" radish.
50 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Nero Tondo Specialty Radishes
Elite strain of the black Spanish variety, crisp and hot white flesh.
Special Black Spanish type.
50 Days
Long and slender snow-white roots with mild flavor, large healthy tops.
Long, snow-white roots.
27 Days
Distinctive specialty radish from North China with hot, sweet flavor.
A distinctive specialty radish from North China.
32 Days
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