Ladybug on a white flower.

Attracts Beneficial Insects

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Elegant and uniform blooms on tall and strong, slender stems.
Fast-growing alfalfa with high forage and biomass yield.
Carefree blend designed for optimum performance in Northern climates.
Large-flowering zinnias in organic seed.
Classic cornflowers in blue, pink, red, and white.
Slightly larger blooms than Sunny Smile.
Large-flowering zinnias in organic seed.
Early, prolific white cosmos with unique tufted centers.
Standard cilantro with robust flavor.
Classic filler in harmonious colors.
An upright, winter annual legume.
Beautiful blooms and unusual seed pods amidst lacy netting of greenery.
Rich color and good stem quality.
Unique, 1 1/2–2" flowers, named for the famous Dutch Delft blue pottery.