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Blue Glitter
Eryngium Seed

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Long-lasting specialty cut.

Attractive blooms have a metallic shine. Eryngium is a hardy perennial with long, sturdy stems. Tolerates hot, sunny locations. Plants produce flowers during the second year of growth and in subsequent years. Attracts bees, beneficial flies and wasps. Also known as plains eryngo and flat sea holly. Perennial in Zones 3-8. FleuroSelect Gold Award Winner. Ht. 40-46". Avg. 22,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 25 seeds.


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DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 72-75°F (22-24°C).

SOWING: Transplant (recommended): Sow 10-16 weeks before last frost. Do not cover as light is required for germination. Bottom water or mist lightly to avoid covering the seeds with displaced soil. Transplant into cell packs or 2-4" containers 5-8 weeks after emergence. Harden off and transplant outside after the last frost.

GROWING ON: Grow at 55-60°F (13-16°C) and avoid temperatures above 70°F (21°C).


SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Dry, sandy soil, but will tolerate saline soil conditions. Eryngium is sensitive to overwatering.

PLANT SPACING: 18-24". Clumps spread slowly and can remain undisturbed indefinitely.


HARVEST: Fresh or dried: Cut when the entire flower head and bracts turn blue or white, depending on the cultivar. Can be hung to air dry, or dry in desiccant to preserve more color.

USES: Excellent fresh cut or dried flower. For midborder in perennial beds.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eryngium planum

ALTERNATE NAMES: Plains eryngo, flat sea holly

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Quick Facts

Latin Name

Eryngium planum

Days To Maturity

Average number of days from seeding date to harvest, within a specific crop group. If a transplanted crop: average number of days from transplant date. Not sure if crop is direct-seeded or transplanted? Check the Growing Information box for details. If crop can be both direct-seeded or transplanted, days to maturity refers to direct seeding. Days to maturity for all flowers and herbs is calculated from seeding date.

365 Days

Life Cycle

Plants can be Annuals (single growing season), Perennials (grow year after year), Tender Perennials (grow year after year in warmer climates; and in some cases when given special protection in colder climates), or Biennials (require two years to mature).


Hybrid Status

Hybrid: The offspring of a cross between two or more distinct parent lines, usually of same species, and selected for improved traits.
Open-pollinated: A non-hybrid variety that can reproduce itself in kind, demonstrating relatively stable traits from one generation to the next.

Open Pollinated

Product Features

Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets
Variety good for fresh cut-flower displays.
Ideal for Drying and Crafts Ideal for Drying and Crafts
Variety is excellent for creating dried flowers.
Attracts Beneficial Insects Attracts Beneficial Insects
Variety attracts and supports pollinators and/or insects that prey on garden pests.

Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets Ideal for Drying and Crafts Attracts Beneficial Insects