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Snap-in Dibble – L
Seedbed Roller Accessory

Product ID: 7289

Dibbles attach easily to the Seedbed Roller to make perfectly spaced holes for transplanting.

Available in three sizes and easily interchangeable, allowing many combinations of plant spacings. Makes up to 2" transplanting holes. The seedbed roller's 1" mesh and 36" circumference make dibble arrangement simple and intuitive. No special tools required; just squeeze, and they snap right in, securely gripping the coated trap wire mesh from both inside and out. Change-out for new setups is fast and easy. They work as well through plastic mulch as they do in open soil (sometimes better due to moisture level). Made from galvanized plate steel for corrosion resistance (some edge rust is normal). Made in USA. NOTES: 1.) Always pull roller when using dibbles. 2.) Additional weight is needed to achieve correct dibble spacing and to penetrate plastic mulch.

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