Bed Preparation

Ensure Vigorous Growth • Prepare Your Beds

Eliot Coleman's 6-Step Bed Preparation Method

Produce firm, seeder-friendly beds for better seed-to-soil contact. This will ensure earlier and more consistent emergence, enhanced root development, and more vigorous growth.

1 • Deeply aerate

2 • Achieve perfect tilth

3 • Smooth the surface

Broadforks Tilther XT Bed Preparation Rake
Preserve soil structure while minimizing weed seed surfacing with Johnny's Broadforks.
Mix in compost and fertilizer while chopping up roots of a previous crop with The Tilther XT.
Create perfect seed beds for successful precision planting with a Bed Preparation Rake.

4 • Firm the bed

5 • Create a stale (weed-free) bed

6 • Mark the rows

Seedbed Roller Red Dragon Flame Weeder Row Markers
Prepare a smooth, firm surface for direct seeding.
Wait a few days for weeds to grow, flame-weed them, then seed.
Achieve accurate, even, efficient crop spacing.


Try our Snap-in Dibbles for the Seedbed Roller! Perfect spacing every time.

Snap-in Dibbles Weighted Bed Roller with Dibbles through Mulch Seedbed Roller with Dibbles on open bed row
Just squeeze, and they snap right in.
They work as well through plastic mulch as they do in open soil.
Available in 3 individual sizes, as well as a convenient starter kit.