Two heirloom winter squashes.


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Doubles as a wild, yet subdued ornamental and a culinary specialty.
An orange old-timer with rich flavor.
Russian heirloom with bold, smoky flavor, good texture, unusual look.
Highest-quality Chioggia strain available.
Ropes of deep red, trailing blooms, a reminder of things Victorian.
One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes, also cold tolerant.
More vigorous, higher yielding Brandywine type with excellent flavor.
The whitest pumpkin we offer, with smooth skin and pie-worthy flesh.
French pumpkin with vivid color for adding vibrancy to fall displays.
Bicolor with complex, fruity flavor and beautiful interior marbling.
Beautiful blooms and unusual seed pods amidst lacy netting of greenery.
Well-known heirloom bibb with tongue-shaped leaves, excellent flavor.
Heirloom variety with deep burgundy leaves for salad or microgreens.
Classic red poppy dotting fields throughout Europe.
Provides stunning all-season color.
Versatile specialty market salad item, sweet and flavorful pickler.