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Johnny's Exclusive
Through extensive trialing and breeding work, we bring you innovative new products because we want to help you be successful. Browse our selection of unique seeds, tools, and supplies you can’t find anywhere else.
Johnny's Exclusive
Premium Shelling Peas
Most flavorful early variety with very sweet, medium-sized peas.
Most flavorful early pea.
57 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Eternity Improved Celosia
Vibrant scarlet plumes add radiant color to fresh or dried bouquets.
Add vibrant scarlet to bouquets.
85 - 90 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Salanova® Green Incised Salanova® Lettuce
Deeply-incised, heavily-frilled leaves add texture to mixes.
Great for adding texture to salad mix. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
53 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Paisano Paste Tomatoes
High-yielding bush San Marzano for sauce or canning.
High-yielding bush San Marzano.
68 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Victorinox Serrated Knife Harvest Knives
A great value harvest knife, cuts well and is easy to clean.
A great value harvest knife, cuts well and is easy to clean.
Johnny's Exclusive
Beatrice Italian Eggplants
High yields of round, bright-violet, Italian-type fruits.
High yields of round, bright violet, Italian-type fruits.
62 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Ovation Greens Mix Greens Mixes
Organic greens mix with great balance of mild and spicy ingredients.
Organic greens mix.
21 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Elegance Greens Mix Greens Mixes
Stunning colors, flavors, and textures for a beautiful salad.
Stunning colors.
21 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Carlton Asian Greens
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna with good heat and cold tolerance.
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna.
21 baby; 35 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Tiren Paste Tomatoes
Early San Marzano type with great flavor for sauce.
Early San Marzano type.
75 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Capperino Hot Peppers
Perfect-size hot cherry for stuffing, great for pickling, processing.
Hot cherry for stuffing and pickling.
60 green; 85 red ripe
Johnny's Exclusive
Gita Pole Beans
For Asian and specialty markets, rich flavor for steaming and stirfry.
For Asian and specialty markets.
78 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Salanova® Home Garden Mix Salanova® Lettuce
Convenient mix of one-cut, cored types for growing your own salad mix.
Flavorful salad mix grown at home. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.
55 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Lucky Tiger Specialty Tomatoes
Elongated fruits with prominent green striping and striking red blush.
Elongated and green-striped with a striking red blush.
70 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Dulcina Bush Beans
Tender and full-flavored Italian flat-pod beans.
Tender and full-flavored Italian flat-pod beans.
53 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Rosie Asian Greens
Bright strawberry red pac choi for mixed packs and baby leaf.
Bright strawberry red pac choi.
21 baby; 45 full size
Johnny's Exclusive
Blue Wind Standard Broccoli
Extra-early variety that is easy to harvest, attractive, and uniform.
Extra early.
49 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Marnero Beefsteak Tomatoes
Hybrid with black heirloom quality; dead ringer for Cherokee Purple.
Heirloom-quality flavor and look.
79 Days
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