Lavender, one of the perennial flower varieties we offer, growing in the field.

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Unique leaf shape with mild cucumber flavor for salads, garnishes.
Improved, high-yielding variety with high essential oil content.
Large, full blooms on long stems.
Light, sweet flavor for teas and cooking.
Multiple fragrant blooms per stem.
Dreamy ivory to pale rose double blooms.
Lightly fragrant blooms with heirloom peony appearance.
Common purple coneflower. The easiest echinacea to grow.
A staple of the herb garden.
Rich, dark color with scalloped petals.
The standard winter-hardy thyme with good flavor and yields.
Elegant, first-year flowering perennial, perfect for cutting.
Pastel pink blooms on long stems.
Aromatic, perennial ground cover that tolerates light foot traffic.
Large apricot-colored blooms on long stems.
Specialty culinary herb, tastes like celery with a hint of anise.
Compact English lavender with a nice range of bloom colors.
Vibrant sherbet-colored blooms on long stems.