Lavender, one of the perennial flower varieties we offer, growing in the field.

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Elegant, first-year flowering perennial, perfect for cutting.
Compact English lavender with a nice range of bloom colors.
Perennial cousin to summer savory, with thicker and shinier leaves.
A little wild, a lot lovely. The earliest double-flowered white tulip.
Bold and bright butterfly daffodil.
Lavender-purple double tulips.
Bright white and fragrant.
The true Johnny jump-up, also known as heart's ease.
Glowing blooms of the palest yellow.
Dramatic, dark blooms on long stems.
Haunting tones of gray, blue, and violet.
Showy orange flowers that attract butterflies and bees.
Fluffy, pastel blooms are sure to charm.
Medium-size leaf, highly uniform.
Romantic, richly layered petals on long stems.
Widest color range in a Dwarf Pacific type, with full florets.