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Mild Salsa Set

Product ID: mild_salsa_set

Sow your own salsa garden for home-grown Mexican flavor.

The best varieties for creating authentic mild-to-medium salsa with great complexity of flavor. This set includes: Jalafuego pepper, our highest-yielding jalapeno; Verona tomato, a flavor-packed paste variety that lends the right amount of sweetness; Expression onion, a large, mild-flavored Spanish variety; and Santo cilantro, a reliable performer with consistently-good flavor. We recommend using a small number of finely-chopped jalapenos to achieve a mild heat level. You can easily increase the heat by adding more (and more and more) peppers. Add your own salt and lime juice for a mouth-watering Mexican treat!
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Our highest-yielding jalapeño, resistant to cracking.
Our highest-yielding jalapeño.
70 green; 93 red ripe
Larger, more flavorful Juliet type.
Larger, more flavorful Juliet type.
67 Days
Attractive, large, slightly-flattened bulbs with light-brown skins.
Attractive, large, slightly-flattened bulbs with light brown skins.
105 Days
Standard cilantro with robust flavor.
Standard cilantro.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
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