A bouquet of flowers in bright red, pink, and orange colors.

Sunset Colors

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Large, full blooms on long stems.
Large, decadent, ruffled blooms for early spring to summer harvest.
Vibrant, orange-bronze summer snapdragon.
Popular colors, suitable for small bouquets and design work.
Bold and bright butterfly daffodil.
Premium, reliable florist quality.
Refined all-season series for field or greenhouse growing.
Vibrant sherbet-colored blooms on long stems.
Outstanding cut flower that's actually a carrot.
Pastel pink blooms on long stems.
Vigorous plants produce abundant, artful blooms.
Large apricot-colored blooms on long stems.
Unique, double petal Azalea-type cut flower with a Victorian look.
Sturdy, uniform plants with strong stems.
Double and semidouble apricot blooms.