Purple Top Forage Turnips - Key Growing Information

A planting of Purple Top Forage Turnips such as these can help break up the soil and sustain livestock.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Brassica rapa
USE: Turnips are a high-energy livestock feed that can survive and provide forage even in harsh winter conditions. Deer and cattle will graze on the foliage in the fall and the roots throughout the winter.
CULTURE: Sowing mid summer through early fall is best for winter grazing. Forage turnips will grow best in cool weather. Turnips prefer a pH above 6.4 with moderate nitrogen and an abundance of phosphorus and potash. Seed in well-prepared ground 1/2" deep covering lightly. Adequate moisture is essential for best germination.
SEEDING RATE: 3 oz./1000 sq.ft; 5-8 lb./acre.
GRAZING: Begin grazing when roots reach 2-4" diameter and continue throughout the winter.