An illustrated reference to edible flower bloom size, flavor profile, suggested uses, and variety recommendations from Johnny's flower research and trialing team.
Many of Johnny's varieties of flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be grown for their edible flowers. Look for the knife and fork symbol, designating edible flower selections, on our website and in our catalog. Visit for the most current information.
Flowers are not just beautiful to behold, but can also add color, complexity, and flavor to the menu. Flavors range from spicy to sweet to herbal; most deliver a milder essence of their fragrance. Here is a sampling of possibilities.
Try these 4 easy edible flower recipes from Johnny's: 1) Candied Flower Blossoms; 2) Lavender Blueberry Soup; 3) Savory Flower Spread; 4) Herb & Confetti Petal Cheese Terrine.
Create custom and dynamic salad mixes by adding flowers and herbs for a distinct appeal at market. Herbs and flowers add texture, color and flavor elements that will brighten up any mix/salad. A list of easy choices and their signature flavors and scents.
Here is a downloadable mini guide to edible flower production. Information includes growing techniques, harvest, and storage, with tips for market growers and a table of flower types, flavors, and suggested uses.
Take a look at different types of easy-to-grow, edible blossoms available from Johnny's. Tips on the many options, types, and flavors offered by edible flowers; best times to harvest; and storage recommendations.
Summer squash technician Julius Koenig shares Johnny's varietal recommendations and tips for edible squash blossom production.
Learn about the creative ways in which flower farmers across the country are tapping into the growing demand for edible flowers. By Debra Prinzing.
A list of edible flower favorites from the Slow Flowers Community, by Debra Prinzing.