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Key Growing Information
Tulip (Tulipa spp) | Key Growing Information
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing TULIP bulbs (Tulipa spp). Read more for a successful cut-flower harvest! Read More
Tulip & Narcissus Production Guide | Tech Sheet (PDF)
A guide with detailed instructions for planting your tulip and/or narcissus bulbs for annual cut-flower production or naturalizing, from the Flowering Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Information covered here includes: What to do when your bulbs arrive; Inspecting your bulbs; Notes for hardiness Zones 8–10, Site selection and preparation; Planting; Bulb spacing; Mulching; Irrigation; Fertilizer; Harvest; Storage; Garden maintenance and perennialization / naturalization; Pests and diseases. Read More
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