What are the best practices and systems for harvesting and post-harvest handling of flowers, herbs, and foliages before they leave the field and workshop, to safeguard that quality? This survey of 5 specialty cut-flower growers distills the collective and cumulative wisdom of three-quarters of a century of farming and selling flowers, from the Slow Flowers community.
Use this printable PDF comparison chart to review distinguishing features for our line of premium-quality Tulipa (tulip) bulb varieties. Types include Darwin Hybrids, Doubles, Parrots, and Single Late selections.
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing TULIP bulbs (Tulipa spp). Read more for a successful cut-flower harvest!
A guide with detailed instructions for planting your tulip and/or narcissus bulbs for annual cut-flower production or naturalizing, from the Flowering Research & Trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Information covered here includes: What to do when your bulbs arrive; Inspecting your bulbs; Notes for hardiness Zones 8–10, Site selection and preparation; Planting; Bulb spacing; Mulching; Irrigation; Fertilizer; Harvest; Storage; Garden maintenance and perennialization / naturalization; Pests and diseases.
A trio of single French late-season varieties well-suited to the cutting garden. Large glowing blooms in a pastel palette emerge atop long, elegant stems to extend the spring bulb season.
A set of large, simultaneously-flowering Darwin hybrid tulip varieties, selected for their warm, glowing palette.