Campanula (Bellflower) - Key Growing Information

Campanula flowers, also known as bellflower and Canterbury bells.
DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7-14 days at 65-68°F (18-20°C)

SOWING: Transplant (recommended) - Sow into 128-cell plug flats or preferred seedling container, 6-8 weeks before planting out. Light is required for germination but applying a fine layer of vermiculite or growing media on top of the seed will help to maintain the moisture levels needed for germination and dissolve the pellet coating. Bottom water or mist lightly to avoid displacing seeds and soil. Direct seeding is not recommended. NOTE: Plants should be started in fall, winter, or early spring. Daylength sensitive plants require short days during seedling development to ensure sufficient stem length and vegetative growth before flowering under long days. Fall-sown plants overwintered well in our unheated, Zone 5 tunnel trials, and bloomed in early June on very tall, vigorous plants. Winter-sown plants flowered in mid-June through early July on shorter plants in our spring tunnel trials.

LIGHT PREFERENCE: Sun. Tolerates part shade.


PLANT SPACING: For single-stem cuts, 4-6". For multi-stem / well-branched plants, 10-12". Support recommended. Note: Single-stem production finishes more quickly and is recommended for greenhouse production. Multi-stem production may be more suitable for outdoor production, where growing real-estate is less precious. Expect yields of 8-10 stems per plant.

HARVEST: Fresh Cut: Harvest when 2-3 lower buds on a stem are open. Keep upright position to avoid stem bending.

SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Full sun to partial shade; well-drained soil high in organic matter. 5.8-6.2 pH is ideal.

USES: Excellent cut flower.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Campanula medium