Blueberries - Key Growing Information

Blueberries; this is a highbush type, also known as New Jersey blueberries.


Vaccinium corymbosum


Blueberries prefer a location in full sun, with moist, acidic soil. Blueberries require an acid soil with a pH of 4.8. A pH of 5.0 or higher is too high! We highly recommend you have your soil tested and amended prior to planting blueberries. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office for information on how to test your soil, or purchase one of the kits offered in our Tools & Supplies section.


Space plants 4-5' apart. Set plants in 1' by 1' holes and cover the roots up to the natural soil line on the stalk. Remove all the flowers during the first year. Do not permit berries to develop. This allows plant energy to be directed toward roots and shoot growth. No pruning is required for the first several years of growth.


Beginning the 2nd or, preferably, 3rd year of growth and continuing for at least a decade.


3 plants per collection.


Blueberries are partly self-sterile which means that at least 2 varieties are needed for good cross-pollination. Any combination of varieties will work.