Read this instruction manual carefully before use. Follow recommendations for safety, assembly, operation, care, and maintenance for best results with your Baby Leaf Harvester.
Here's a line drawing of the Harvest Bucket (#7939) for you to color in, from Johnny's Selected Seeds' Coloring Book.
Follow the instructions on this Tech Sheet to extend the life of your Chamomile Rake. The tines are made of oil-tempered spring steel, a material that is both strong and flexible, but which will rust if it is left wet or is stored in a damp place. It is important to wipe or air-dry the rake after each use and store it in a dry area...
Follow the simple steps in this Tech Sheet to maintain and extend the life of your Highbush Blueberry Rake for many seasons of blueberry harvesting.
Here's a line drawing of the Original Maine Garden Hod (#9870) for you to color in, from Johnny's Selected Seeds' Coloring Book.
This document covers 4 key factors in choosing an air conditioning unit optimally compatible with your CoolBot: 1) Intended Use; 2) Temperature Needs; 3) Cooler Size; and 4) Quality of Cooler Insulation. Charts of dimensions and air conditioner capacity in BTUs (British thermal units) are included, as well as types of air-conditioner units and brands and recommendations.
A full instructional guide and reference, full of helpful advice and tips, for building a walk-in cooler using a CoolBot for your small farm or growing operation.
A full manual and trouble-shooting guide to your CoolBot.
A Quick-Start Guide to your CoolBot Pro. Get started now...
This spec sheet includes a technical illustration of the CoolBot Pro components, common uses, features, requirements, and technical data, all on a convenient 1-page sheet. Review, download, and/or print these specifications as a component of important reference materials to your CoolBot Pro Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Temperature Controller.
Floral Stem Cutter - Instruction Sheet. Instructions for mounting, usage and maintenance of your floral stem cutter tool.
What are the best practices and systems for harvesting and post-harvest handling of flowers, herbs, and foliages before they leave the field and workshop, to safeguard that quality? This survey of 5 specialty cut-flower growers distills the collective and cumulative wisdom of three-quarters of a century of farming and selling flowers, from the Slow Flowers community.