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Cultural Practices to Beat the Heat | Part 1
Basic cultural practices to follow for growing success through the summer heat, from germination, cultivation, and irrigation to harvest and post-harvest, from the research & trialing team at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Read More
Getting Your Cool-Weather-Loving Crops Through Summer's Heat | Part 2
Key recommendations for heat-tolerant, cool-weather varieties, and cool-weather-loving crops successfully through summer's heat, from Johnny's Research & Trialing Team. Read More
Comparison Chart
Shade Cloth | Comparison Chart (PDF)
A downloadable, printable version of our Shade Cloth Comparison Chart, for comparing options, recommended crops, and areas for low tunnels and high tunnels. Read More
Heat & Drought: How Flower Farmers Are Adapting to Changing & Challenging Climatic Conditions
Learn how 5 flower farmers from across the U.S. are successfully adapting to heat, drought, and the extreme weather events of a changing climate. Read More
Video: Beat the Heat: Lettuce & Greens for Southern Growers | Johnny's Webinar Series
Here is the full presentation of our Lettuce & Greens for Southern Growers webinar, followed by a Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 90 minutes. Read More
Webinar | Lettuce & Greens for Southern Growers | Slide Show (PDF)
A slideshow recap of our Lettuce & Greens for Southern Growers Webinar. Topics: • Johnny’s Trial Farm • Solutions for Heat-Related Issues • Common Problems • Production Systems • Tools & Supplies • Variety Selection for the Heat • Environmental Preferences • Heat-Adapted Types • Proven Performers • Specialty Greens • Trial Report: University of Georgia • Acknowledgements & Resources Read More
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