Follow the instructions in this tech sheet for succession Belgian endive production. Details include site selection and soil preparation, sowing, harvesting, overwintering and seasoning the roots, forcing of chicons, and harvesting.
A downloadable, printable PDF version of our Radicchio Planting Program, comparing days to maturity, which varieties can be direct-sown versus transplanted, and transplanting/harvesting periods.
Follow the instructions in this tech sheet for successful production of radicchio and sugarloaf types of the chicory species, Cichorium intybus. Information includes general culture as well as more specific recommendations on thermal dormancy, soil preparation and care, indoor sowing for transplanting as well as direct sowing, harvesting and storage.
Use Johnny's Radicchio Planting Program to plan for a wide radicchio harvest season. Plant these Chioggia, Treviso, Castelfranco, and Sugarloaf types in sequence for a more uniform, predictable, high-quality yield of radicchio produce throughout the season.
Join former Trial Technician Steve Rodrigue in a review of a recent season extension trial, conducted here at Johnny's Research Farm in Central Maine. This review focuses on a number of chicory and spinach varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Within a few days of harvest place these caps overtop frisée, escarole, and other chicory heads to blanch their hearts. Widely practiced in Europe, blanching chicories with caps keeps the sunlight off the plants, resulting a beautiful, yellow-white center that is less bitter, more tender to the tooth and sweet.
Here is the full presentation of our Baby Leaf Greens: 12 Picks for Market Growers webinar, followed by a Q&A session. The full video runs approximately 1 hour.