Learn how adding a variety of plant materials to your floral menu — ornamental grasses, herbs, berries, and structurally unique vegetables — can help create more distinctive, fragrant, and elegant dried-flower arrangements.
A full-color, downloadable, printable PDF version of our Ornamental Gourd Comparison Chart, from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Follow the recommendations and suggestions in this Tech Sheet for successful production and crafting of ornamental gourds (Cucurbita pepo), from site selection, planting, and culture, to harvesting and diverse uses.
Here at Johnny's, cucurbits are one of our specialties, some strictly ornamental, some strictly edible, and many that serve both purposes — in all, over 60 varieties. To help you narrow the field to varieties that will work well for your operation, these are the three key considerations that drive selection of fall-harvest pumpkin, squash, and gourd varieties by experienced growers...
Written by our research team, here is the Key Growing Information for ornamental gourds from seed: direct-sowing or transplanting, light, temperature, and soil requirements, pest/disease control, and harvest. Read more for a successful harvest!