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Johnny's Edible Flower Guide | Printable 4-pp Brochure (PDF)
An illustrated reference to edible flower bloom size, flavor profile, suggested uses, and variety recommendations from Johnny's flower research and trialing team. Read More
Pea, Lentil & Vetch Inoculant | Label
A premium, non-sterile peat inoculant for pea, lentil and vetch. Includes: Guaranteed Analysis; Directions for application; Storage & Disposal Recommendations; Warranty... Read More
Pea, Lentil & Vetch Inoculant | OMRI Certificate
This product is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as approved for use in organic production. Read More
Video: 'Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea' Shoots | Quick, high-value crop for year-round growing
Here's a look at our 'Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea' Shoots, a delicious, beautiful and nutritious, high-value crop for quick, easy, year-round growing. Read More
Video: Calvin Lamborn on Pea Breeding
A film about Calvin Lamborn, the father of the modern Snap Pea. Through years of classical plant breeding, trialing, and selecting, Dr. Lamborn has brought us peas with exquisite flavor and appearance, increased disease resistance, higher yields, smaller pods for efficient processing, and ease of picking for field workers. Read More
Comparison Chart
Shelling & Snap Pea Varieties | Comparison Chart (PDF)
A full-color, downloadable, printable (PDF) version of our Shelling & Snap Pea Comparison Chart. Features listed include Variety, Days to Maturity, Flavor notes, Pod Length, Average # of Peas/Pod, Vine Length, and Disease Resistance. Read More
Key Growing Information
Peas | Key Growing Information
Written by our research team, this reference contains the essential information for growing garden peas (Pisum sativum). Read more for a successful harvest! Read More
Pea Selection at Johnny's | The Story of 'Sugar Ann' Snap Pea
Learn why not all pea seed is created equal by reading the Story of 'Sugar Ann' Snap Pea at Johnny's Selected Seeds. Not only are there differences between pea varieties, even seed lots of the same pea variety can vary widely in quality, depending on how the seed crop is grown and managed. To achieve uniformity, or purity, of the seed lot, one must start with a high-quality, uniform batch of seeds — or, as we say in the seed industry, "stock seeds" — to grow the seed crop to a workable size. And, one must also maintain this quality over time. Here's how we do it... Read More
Video: How to Grow Peas • From Seed to Harvest
Year-round Nova Scotian gardener and author Niki Jabbour lends Johnny's home gardening community her expertise on how to grow 'Super Sugar Snap' pea, an early, productive, hardy and delicious variety with powdery mildew resistance. Read More
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