Video: 4 Great Reasons to Grow 'Blush' Onion

There are four main reasons to grow 'Blush' onion:

  1. First, it's very easy to grow. It has very vigorous tops that stand up to tough conditions and are also very resistant to damage from thrips, and it produces reliable yields in a variety of environments.
  2. Second, it makes beautiful bulbs. 'Blush' has unique color, both inside and outside, and it's easy to recognize, so customers will come back and ask for them by name.
  3. Third, 'Blush' stores very well, producing really firm bulbs with very strong skins that dry down well and store for up to 6 months.
  4. And the fourth reason we selected 'Blush' is that it is a very versatile onion, from a cooking perspective. It has color and good spice to dress up a salad, but it also has a lot of sugar and nice potency, so you can caramelize it or put it in stews.

'Blush' is more than just a novelty item. It's also a great-tasting onion that stores a long time and really performs in the field. Try it out — we think you'll agree.