Johnny's R&D melon expert Steve Bellavia explains how to tell when your 'Lambkin' Piel de Sapo melon is nearing harvest readiness, plus a couple of harvesting options to suit your needs and preferences.
Johnny's melon expert, Steve Bellavia demonstrates how to tell when your Charentais-type French melons are ready to be harvested from the field.
John R Clark, PhD, cane fruit breeder and Professor of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas, describes the world's first thornless blackberry variety that flowers and fruits on 1st-year canes. Prime-Ark Freedom, released by UA's Division of Agriculture, features exceptionally large, exceptionally early, flavorful berries in abundance.
'Teddy' is a unique and versatile dill variety, well-suited for either field or container/pot production. Productive, slow-to-bolt plants have a unique, dense, three-dimensional form, with compact spirals of thick leaflets of flavorful, aromatic dill. 'Teddy' is fast-growing, productive, and both compact enough for container or pot production as well as vigorous enough for field production.
Looking for a compact Genovese basil variety to try this year? 'Everleaf' offers: a) Disease resistance; b) Compact habit, with short spaces between leaves and branches — perfect for live plant and container production, or for extended harvest in the field or garden; c) High productivity, despite a small stature; d) Attractive, cupped leaves with a traditional asil flavor and aroma; and e) last but not least, plants that are slower to bolt than most varieties, by up to 8 weeks, lengthening the harvest window for top-quality leaves. Learn more by watching our video!
Here's a look at the results of Johnny's R&D basil team's extensive research on Prospera basil in relation to its basil downy mildew resistance.
Johnny's Research Technician Steve Bellavia shows how to tell when your Galia Tropical melons are perfectly ready for harvesting.
'Lilly' is a Crenshaw melon that is best harvested at the stage known as "forced-slip." 'Lilly' is characteristically much earlier than most other Crenshaw varieties. Melon expert Steve Bellavia, of Johnny's R&D, demonstrates how to easily tell when your 'Lilly' is ready for plucking, to ensure its distinctive sweet-spicy flavor is enjoyed at its peak.
Johnny's Trial Technician Rachel Katz introduces 'Menuette' — learn more about this novel parsley variety!
An engaging, ~80-minute recording of our webinar, introducing our R&D team's favorite new Vegetables and Herbs for the upcoming season. Get a more complete picture of these great new varieties from the people responsible for selecting them.
Here's a look at Prospera Red, the first red downy mildew-resistant basil, available through Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Canadian gardening author and educator Niki Jabbour talks her 3 favorite varieties for basil downy mildew prevention and control: Prospera® DMR; Prospera® Compact DMR; and Prospera® Italian Large Leaf DMR.