An introduction to the Jang JP-1 Clean Seeder, with an overview of seeder anatomy, accessories, and rollers for optimal seeding singulation, ease, and efficiency.
Join former Trial Technician Steve Rodrigue in a review of a recent season extension trial, conducted here at Johnny's Research Farm in Central Maine. This review focuses on a number of chicory and spinach varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Fruiting greenhouse crop pro Andrew Mefferd offers simple instructions for pruning greenhouse tomatoes and explains why pruning is worthwhile.
Here's a quick look at using Row Markers with our Seedbed Roller to score the beds with parallel lines in preparation for sowing with a precision seeder.
Johnny's Staple Setter™ allows you to drive staples into landscape fabric quickly and easily. This 42"-long, magnetic-headed tool is ergonomically designed and built to last. Securely staples landscape fabric without having to bed down, hammer, or step on the staples.
Jack Algiere, Director of the four-season farm at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, demonstrates removal of thread-stage weeds with the 21" Tine-Weeding Rake.
Installation instructions and recommendations for the CoolBot. This device allows you to transform an insulated room into a walk-in cooler to keep your fresh produce at peak quality. The CoolBot allows for thermostatically-controlled cool-down to 35°F/1.66°C.
A quick video demo of the people-powered Manual Mulch Layer. This light, highly manoeuverable device works as well in a greenhouse or hoophouse as it does in the open field, providing an efficient, right-scale alternative to a tractor-mounted mulch layer.
Here's a quick look at the Jang JP-6W in action, seeding parallel, 100' rows of salad mix at Farmer Kev's in West Gardiner, Maine.
Johnny's Tools Product Manager Jen Goff demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently seed your Paperchain Pots/Trays.
Here's a demo on how to use Johnny's broadforks for loosening and aerating the seed bed while maintaining soil structure, and for harvest, depending on the design. Shown is the 727 Hardpan Broadfork, a model designed specifically for tougher soils with a few rocks or clay — anywhere you might bend a tine with one of our standard, round-tine broadforks.
Watch a demo of the Mulch Hole Burner in use, quickly and accurately burning planting holes in woven landscape fabric and plastic mulch, and learn more about its helpful features.