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Video: Johnny's Mulch Hole Burner | Accurately Burn Holes in Mulch or Landscape Fabric

Johnny's Mulch Hole Burner allows you to quickly and accurately burn planting holes of a variety of dimensions in woven landscape fabric or plastic mulch.


  • Cauterizes the cut edges to prevent fraying and tearing
  • Attaches to a 1-lb. propane cylinder, not included
  • Approximately 1–2½ hours of usage per 1-lb. tank, depending upon die size and specific application
  • Adjustable flame-control nozzle that extinguishes when finished
  • Easy auto-start ignition
  • 36" length means better ergonomics: less bending and reaching
  • Slip-resistant grip handle
  • Numerous options and accessories available
  • Detailed instructions included