Sunflowers, grown from our organic seeds, displayed in metal buckets.

Organic Flowers

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Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals.
Productive filler shimmers in arrangements, provides textural element.
Dark red amaranth with graceful, easy-to-use spikes.
A classic filler for bouquets, also a unique dried flower.
Large double blooms on long, strong stems.
Large-flowering zinnias in organic seed.
Medium-size blooms, excellent vase life, less prone to powdery mildew.
Fully-double, bright golden flowers with green-to-yellow centers.
Light, sweet flavor for teas and cooking.
Productive, easy-to-grow greenery.
Add color and scent to your bouquets with basil.
A wide range of colors for single bunches or mixed bouquets.
Dark purple Italian large-leaf type with high yields and great flavor.
Elegant cut flower on strong, slender stems.
Early Celosia adds sparkle to bouquets.
Common purple coneflower. The easiest echinacea to grow.