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SeaCom-PGR Concentrate 0-4-4 – 1 Gal.
Seaweed Fertilizer

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The "high-test" of liquid seaweeds—the most highly concentrated seaweed product.

Provides micronutrients and hormones that stimulate growth, increase plant flowering and fruiting, and increase disease resistance. Apply by sprinkling on or spraying. Key times for application are seed sowing, transplant, bud set and flowering. Helps germination of difficult seeds like some perennial herbs and flowers. Use SeaCom diluted 1:1,000 (approx. 1 1/2 tsp. to 1 gal. water, 1-2 pints per acre.) NOTES: (1) SeaCom is eight times as concentrated as regular liquid seaweed. 8 oz. SeaCom = 1/2 gal. regular; 32 oz. SeaCom =2 gal. regular, and 1 gal. SeaCom = 8 gal. regular. (2) SeaCom has a guaranteed cytokinin hormone level of 400 ppm. Three sizes.

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