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SRM Red Mulch – 4' x 600'

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Increases marketable tomato yield up to 20%.

Developed by the US Department of Agriculture and Clemson University, it performs like black mulch, by suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, and warming soil by 4-6°F/2.2-3.3°C; but this red film also reflects far-red wavelengths upward into the plant canopy, triggering photosynthesis and stimulating rapid growth and development. Results are earlier, with increased yields of 12% to 20%. Independent studies by Penn State University have also shown tomato yields to be as much as 20% higher and a reduction of early blight in plants grown in red vs. black plastic. SRM-Red (Selective Reflecting Mulch) is a high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 mil thick and lays well over flat or raised beds. Stretchable, with season-long integrity, and it is easily removed from the field after harvest. Recent research has proven it to increase yield and sugar content in strawberries. Not recommended for use in warmer southern states.

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