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Green Malabar Spinach
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Heat loving, frost sensitive.

Vigorous climbing vines grow through summer into fall. Glossy, thick, savoyed leaves resemble spinach. Mild Swiss chard taste. Use leaves and young stems sparingly in salads or stir-fries. Avg. 13,900 seeds/lb. Packet: 100 seeds.


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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Basella rubra

Malabar spinach does best in a slightly acidic, moist, fertile soil, though it can tolerate poor soil conditions. Stem tip cuttings may be rooted, overwintered inside, and transplanted out again the following year or kept as a houseplant. Provide trellis support. Sow indoors in flats 1/4" deep and 1/4" apart or into 50-cell or 72-cell flats, 3 seeds per cell, 5-6 weeks before transplanting to the garden. After all danger of frost has passed, transplant out to the garden 6" apart in rows 36" apart. After all danger of frost has passed, sow directly into the soil 1-2" apart, 1/4" deep, in rows 36" apart. Thin to 6" apart.

Prevent disease with crop rotation and sanitation.

Pick young leaves and stems throughout the season. Pinching tips will encourage branching.

1 oz./130', 1 lb./2,100'.

SEEDS/OZ.: Avg. 950 seeds.

100 seeds sows 12'.

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Latin Name

Basella rubra

Days To Maturity

Average number of days from seeding date to harvest, within a specific crop group. If a transplanted crop: average number of days from transplant date. Not sure if crop is direct-seeded or transplanted? Check the Growing Information box for details. If crop can be both direct-seeded or transplanted, days to maturity refers to direct seeding. Days to maturity for all flowers and herbs is calculated from seeding date.

50 baby; 85 full size

Hybrid Status

Hybrid: The offspring of a cross between two or more distinct parent lines, usually of same species, and selected for improved traits.
Open-pollinated: A non-hybrid variety that can reproduce itself in kind, demonstrating relatively stable traits from one generation to the next.

Open Pollinated

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Heat Tolerant Heat Tolerant
Heat Tolerant

Heat Tolerant