Lush growth of red and green microgreens grown from one of our microgreen seed mixes.


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Feathery leaves add delicate dill flavor and visual interest.
Intricately-lobed, medium-green leaves with mild parsley flavor.
Purple stems and dark-green leaves with a purple tint.
Adds a pop of bright green color to your mix.
Beautiful heavily-frilled, ruffled leaves with sweet and spicy flavor.
French type with oval-shaped green leaves and zesty lemon flavor.
Thread-like leaves add delicate pungency to dishes calling for onions.
Fast-growing mizuna with fancy, toothed leaves.
Medium-green serrated leaves with bright purple stems and leaf margins.
Green leaves with spicy lemon flavor.
Finely textured leaves, sweet fennel flavor for desserts and fish.
Traditional French herb lends mild, sweet anise flavor in subtle way.