Fruits grown from our hot pepper varieties, including a bright mix of reds, oranges, greens, and yellows.

Hot Peppers

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Phytophthora-resistant poblano.
Early Thai-type pepper.
Spicy flavor for a new take on the traditional shishito.
Tropical flavors with a hint of heat.
Anaheim with Phytophthora resistance.
Johnny's improved strain.
Open-pollinated jalapeño with more skin checking than our hybrids.
Super-hot! Pungent habanero for fresh, dried use, and "jerk" sauces.
Extra-dark with traditional checking.
Large, highly adaptable poblano ideal for chile rellenos.
Early and adaptable poblano, easy to peel for chile rellenos.
Famous Spanish heirloom, eaten as tapas (appetizers) in Spain.
High-yielding, continuous-set type.
Early Anaheim bred by Johnny's for good productivity in cooler areas.
Higher-yielding Red Rocket type for ristras.
Easier to harvest, large-fruited serrano.
Hot cherry for stuffing, pickling, and processing.