Fruits grown from our hot pepper varieties, including a bright mix of reds, oranges, greens, and yellows.

Hot Peppers

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Anaheim with Phytophthora resistance.
Phytophthora-resistant poblano.
Early Thai-type pepper.
Tropical flavors with a hint of heat.
Johnny's improved strain.
High-yielding, continuous set type.
Large, highly adaptable poblano ideal for chile rellenos.
Best combination of earliness and yield in a jalapeno.
Extra-early hybrid habanero; good yields in North, short-season areas.
Magnificent fruits; earlier, more productive than regular habaneros.
Widely adapted, productive in cool weather; prettiest pickled peppers.
Easier to harvest, large-fruited serrano.
Early Anaheim bred by Johnny's for good productivity in cooler areas.
Early and adaptable poblano, easy to peel for chile rellenos.
Big, smooth, dark green fruits.
Open-pollinated jalapeño with more skin checking than our hybrids.
Traditional-sized serrano.