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A mix of red, yellow, pink, and black tomatoes grown from Johnny's tomato seeds.
Choose from over 100 tomato selections of every class — beefsteak, cherry, grape, Artisan Tomatoes, paste, plum, and Roma — in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Each of the varieties we offer for sale has been carefully trialed and selected on the basis of flavor, texture, disease resistance, vigor, yield, and performance. You will find both determinate and indeterminate types, for field or greenhouse production. Choose from conventional or certified organic tomato seeds.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Cipolla's Pride Heirloom Tomatoes
Large, refined sauce tomato.
New! Large, refined sauce tomato.
82 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Green Bee Specialty Tomatoes
Unlike any cherry tomato on the market.
New! Unlike any cherry tomato on the market.
75 Days
GinFiz Specialty Tomatoes
Refined bicolor heirloom-type hybrid.
New! Refined bicolor heirloom-type hybrid.
72 Days
Marnouar Beefsteak Tomatoes
High-performance purple beefsteak.
New! High-performance purple beefsteak.
85 Days
Granadero Paste Tomatoes
Our most prolific plum with very good flavor.
New! Our most prolific plum.
75 Days
Abigail Beefsteak Tomatoes
Nearly perfect pink heirloom-type.
Out of Stock
New! Nearly perfect pink heirloom-type.
75 Days
Out of Stock
Intense fruity flavor for an exclusively fresh-market treat.
Intense fruity flavor.
57 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
New Girl Slicing Tomatoes
First early with great flavor.
First early, great flavor.
62 Days
Late blight-resistant field cherry, ideal for harvest and snacking.
Late blight-resistant field cherry.
64 Days
Bicolor with complex, fruity flavor and beautiful interior marbling.
Bicolor red-and-yellow fruit.
78 Days
One of the best tasting with rich, loud, distinctively spicy flavor.
One of the best tasting tomatoes.
78 Days
Classic sweet red cherry; reliable, prolific yields, large clusters.
The classic, sweet, red cherry tomato.
60 Days
Early, delicious and attractive cherry with excellent disease package.
Early, delicious, attractive cherry tomatoes.
55 Days
More vigorous, higher yielding Brandywine type with excellent flavor.
More vigorous, higher yielding Brandywine type.
75 Days
Improved Indigo type with striking dark-blue anthocyanin coloration.
Improved Indigo type.
71 Days
Mid-size slicer bred for earliness, disease resistance, and flavor.
Bred for earliness, disease resistance, and flavor.
65 Days
Sweet and robust, almost-black fruits with heirloom-quality flavor.
Sweet and robust.
64 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Big Beef Beefsteak Tomatoes
Large, early ripening, fresh market beefsteak with excellent flavor.
Out of Stock
Nice combination of size, taste, and earliness.
70 Days
Out of Stock
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