A mix of red, yellow, pink, and black tomatoes grown from Johnny's tomato seeds.


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Large, early ripening, fresh market beefsteak with excellent flavor.
Tender and nearly seedless, intermediate resistance to late blight.
Nearly perfect pink heirloom-type.
An orange old-timer with rich flavor.
Delicious early determinate beefsteak.
High-yielding heirloom paste tomato.
Unique color and great flavor; one of the best green tomatoes.
Delicious slicer with impressive heat tolerance.
Mid-size slicer bred for earliness, disease resistance, and flavor.
Early and prolific golden cherry tomato with well-balanced flavor.
Appealing pale-yellow cherry fruits on compact, easy-to-pick plants.
One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes, also cold tolerant.
Striking red sauce tomato with yellow streaks and excellent flavor.
Delicious pink cherry tomato with leaf mold resistance.
Unique look and exceptional flavor.
Early, striped snacking tomato.
A great match for Tomatoberry Garden.
Larger, more flavorful Juliet type.